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China Ming, DHA, Phase 7

  • Phone Number:
  • Location:
    Building # 16-C, Seher Commercial Lane 9, Phase VII (Phase 7), DHA, Phase 7, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Timings:
    12PM - 11:30 PM Open Now
  • Meal Timings:
    Chinese, Thai
  • Categories:
    Delivery, Dine-in, Take Away
  • Facilities:
  • Avg. Cost:
    Rs. 200 - 400 / Person
  • Armaghaan
    2017-03-23 16:14:00
    You there. How you doin? You dont pick up your phone. Its late afternoon and I need my snack... So call me on my cellphone, late afternoon when I need your love I'll know when the landline rings... that could only mean one thing. Ever since I moved to Clifton block twwoooo, You started sending less and charging more I used to call you on your landline... Late afternoon when I need your love. p.s. please pick up your landline.
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