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Chicken Fillet

Chicken Fillet

Recipe by: Chef Zarnak Sidhwa Chef Zarnak Sidhwa

Chicken steak is the deals which gets very popular in a very short span of time, while not only because of trend following but also because of its good taste. Chicken steaks have too many flavors while according to Pakistani people mostly like to eat the Tarragon and searching for that yummy recipe so people don't worry just cook the described recipe by Zarnak Sidhwa.

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Chicken fillets ½ kg (flattened) Soya sauce 2 tbsp Black pepper 1 tbsp (crushed) Salt ½ tsp Sugar a pinch For Sauce: Oil 1 tbsp Garlic 2-3 cloves (crushed) Onion 1 (finely chopped) Black pepper ½ tsp (freshly crushed) Water as required Salt ½ tsp Corn flour as required (mixed in water) Dark soya sauce to taste Oyster sauce to taste Sugar to taste Other Ingredients: Potatoes 2 Stir fried rice to serve
Marinate the chicken breasts in soya sauce, black pepper, salt and a pinch of sugar. Cook on griddle pan on each side until cooked. Heat oil, sauté crushed garlic and onions. Add black pepper, water, soya and oyster sauce. Add salt and sugar. Thicken with corn flour. Pour sauce in a serving pot. Blanch big chunks of potato in hot water till half done. Drain water and brown them in oil. Place grilled chicken in platter. Place fried rice and potatoes on the sides along sauce and serve.
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