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Stuffed Fried Chillis

Stuffed Fried Chillis

Recipe by: Youngs Mayonnaise Youngs Mayonnaise

One of the best starter dish of Pakistan and its taste is delicious..

  1. Chicken breast piece :1 1/2 cup (boiled and shredded)
  2. Green chillies:10
Ingredients for chicken sauce:
  1. Mayonnaise:1cup
  2. Chilli sauce:1tbs
  3. Chilli garlic sauce:3tbs
  4. Garlic paste:1tsp
  5. Salt:to taste
  6. Black pepper:1/2tsp
  7. Red chillies(grind):1 1/2 tsp
Ingredients for batter:
  1. White flour:1cup
  2. Corn flour:1/2cup
  3. Salt:to taste
  4. Black pepper:to taste
  5. Egg:1(beaten)
  6. Water:diligence
Ingredients for coating:
  1. Cornflour:1/2 cup
  2. breadcrumb:1/2cup
  3. white flour:1cup
For chicken filling:Mix all the ingredients and chicken in the mayonnaise stir it well.
For batter:For making batter mix all the ingredients in water.
For coating:For preparing coating mix white flour,cornflour and bread crumb altogether.
For chillo's filling stuff:Take green chillies and cut them from the middle (from the up and down,take out all beach out) now take one chilli and put chicken filing in it then dip in the batter then in coating then deep fry till golden color appear.fill all the chillies by the same method.
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