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Cheese Cake Ú?Û?ز Ú©Û?Ú©

Recipe by: Personal Recipes Personal Recipes

Preparing cheese cake at home is not very difficult at all. Follow the video and watch how I will prepare it with which special ingredients. Cheese Cake is a dessert made with base of biscuits. It's a superb dessert for special guests. Try it you will love the taste.

Ingredients اجزاء

Biscuits 250g
بسکٹ 250 گراÙ?
Cream cheese 400g
کرÛ?Ù? Ú?Û?ز 400 گراÙ?
Fresh cream 400g
فرÛ?Ø´ کرÛ?Ù? 400 گراÙ?
Egg yolks 4 pcs
اÙ?Ú?Û? Ú©Û? زردÛ? 4 عدد
Butter 4 tbsp
Ù?Ú©Ú¾Ù? 4 Ù¹Û?بÙ? سپÙ?Ù?
Castor Sugar 75 grams
کاسٹر Ø´Ù?گر 75 گراÙ?
Vanilla essence 1 tbsp
Ù?Ù?Û?Ù?ا اÛ?Ù?س 1 Ù¹Û?بÙ? سپÙ?Ù?
Cream 250ml
کرÛ?Ù? 250 Ù?Ù?Û? Ù?Û?ٹر
Double creme 250ml
Ú?بÙ? کرÛ?Ù? 250 Ù?Ù?Û? Ù?Û?ٹر
Icing sugar 3 tsp
آسÙ?Ú¯ Ø´Ù?گر 3 Ù¹Û? سپÙ?Ù?

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