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Beef Qorma in Urdu

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Beef Qorma is an originally South-Asian and Central-Asian recipe. It is rich, spiced and extremely aromatic and a flavorful recipe. This is a purely classic Indian dish. So, try it out!
1 â?? Kg: Beef
3 â?? Large Size Onions â?? Sliced
3 â?? Large Size Onions- Paste
¾ - Cup: Cooking Oil
1 ½ - Cup: Yogurt
3 â?? Tabs: Red Chili Powder
2 â?? Tabs: Coriander Powder
1 ½ - Tsp: Salt â?? or â?? to taste
1 Tab: Garlic Paste
5 Small Pieces of Ginger
2 â?? Tsp: Kewrah - Essence
For Garam Masala:-
5 â?? Small Pieces of Cinnamon
5 â?? Green Cardamom
2 â?? Blacks Cardamom
11 â?? Black Pepper
7 â?? Cloves
1 â?? Bay Leaf
1 â?? Tsp: White Cumin Seeds

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