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Achwani For New Born Baby Mother In Urdu/Hindi by Azra Salim

Recipe by: Personal Recipes Personal Recipes

Achwani for new born baby mother. This recipe is
suitable for a new mother after normal delivery.
This food is very delicious and healthy. This recipe
is purely for South Asian women.
½ - kg: Sugar
½ - kg: Pure Desi Ghee
250 -- grams: Charmagaz
{ Charmagaz is seeds mixture of water melon seeds,
pumpkin seeds, cucumber seeds & muskmelon seeds}
125 -- grams: Dry Coconut (small cubes)
125 -- grams: Raisins
250 -- grams: Almonds with cover
125 -- grams: Munakka (sultanas/large raisins)
10 -- Green Cardamoms
1 -- cup of fresh full cream milk
You can drink it with fresh milk daily and
without milk like Halwa also.

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